"You matter because you are you, and you matter to the end of your life."

– Dame Cicely Saunders

End of Life Doula Services

My services include end-of-life education and planning, practical and logistical support, advocacy, as well as emotional, spiritual, and bereavement support.

From advance care planning and legacy projects to end-of-life vigil planning, caregiver respite and bereavement support, I am here to companion and guide you and your loved ones through your sacred journey.

Advance Planning

Give the gift of peace of mind to yourself and your loved ones by completing your advance planning. 

I will assist you in the process which can include advance directive paperwork (living will), organizing important information and documents, determining end-of-life care preferences, as well as understanding and selecting a disposition method. 

This work can also include deciding what you would like done with your most cherished possessions.

Life Review Work & Legacy Projects

Life review involves a process of recollecting, evaluating, and attributing meaning to positive and negative memories. Although life review is about memories from the past, it serves to empower those facing end-of-life issues to find hope, value, and meaning in their lives.

I utilize various life review techniques, from Life Story to Dignity Therapy, as well as various questionnaires and projects. Life review work provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your life and process the events and people who shaped it. 

The most important thing about life review and legacy work is that there are no rules or limits. You don’t have to be old, and you don’t even need to have a terminal diagnosis.  

Through this life review work together, we can create a legacy project that is uniquely YOU.

Examples of legacy projects:

  • A scrapbook
  • A collection of your favorite recipes
  • A blanket made out of your favorite t-shirts or other fabric
  • A life review worksheet
  • An edited Dignity Therapy recording or transcript
  • Imparting wisdom to loved ones (also known as an Ethical Will)
  • Handprints in plaster or paint
  • A video montage (of your best advice, cherished memories, stories about your family history, etc.)
  • Cards or gifts for future birthdays, holidays, or other milestone occasions
  • A poem, story, or song
  • A playlist of your favorite songs

Swedish Death Cleaning

Swedish Death Cleaning, or Döstädning, in Swedish, is based on the idea of “lagom,” which means “just the right amount.” This idea suggests that we should only keep what we need in our lives and get rid of anything that doesn’t bring us joy. You can embrace this philosophy at any time of your life.

For those who are facing a terminal illness, Swedish Death Cleaning is a thoughtful way to ensure that your grieving loved ones won’t be tasked with the burden of going through your possessions once you have passed. Many items can be sold or donated, and you can gift things you no longer need to friends and family who would undoubtedly find special meaning in them. Whatever the reason, I can provide supportive, nonjudgmental assistance throughout the process.

Caregiver Support

Caregiving is a heart-centered act of service and I am here to offer support to you and your loved one while you rest and replenish. This service can include sitting with your loved one (at home or in facility), light housework, cooking a meal, pet care, or running errands, as well as coordinating with family members, friends, and additional service providers.

Vigil Planning

An end-of-life vigil is held when the dying person enters the active dying phase. A vigil plan is a plan for how the dying person wishes their last days of life to look, sound, and feel. This plan is uniquely tailored to each individual and engages their senses, is grounded in their values, and guides visitors during the final days. It can include praying, silence, sitting together, talking and listening, reading inspirational texts, healing touch, music, candles, and meaningful end-of-life rituals. 

Guided Imagery & Meditation

As a certified meditation and mindfulness guide, I use guided imagery techniques to help reduce anxiety, agitation, fear, and distress and provide peace and comfort. Guided imagery requires no work or effort on the listener’s part – it only requires the ability to hear. Hearing is frequently available to a dying person, even after the other senses have waned. Guided imagery can be an effective tool for alleviating pain, stress, and grief and helps ease the transition for the dying person and their loved ones.

“Death is just another path. One that we all must take.”

– J.R.R. Tolkein

Pricing and Packages

Upon contacting me, will will schedule an initial 30-minute consultation to go over your particular needs. This will determine if we are a good fit for this journey together. There is no charge for this consultation. 

Consultations can take place in-person, via phone, or virtually through Zoom, Facetime, or WhatsApp – whichever is best for you.

If we decide to work together, my hourly rate is $75/hr (includes travel to home or facility in service area)

Package pricing is as follows:

  • 6-Hour Support Pkg – $425
  • 10-Hour Support Pkg – $675
  • 20-Hour Support Pkg – $1300
These hours can be used in person or virtually, or a combination of both. Please note: Due to the cost of travel at this time, a home or facility visit must be a minimum of two hours. 

Sliding Fee Scale:  I believe everyone deserves to have a good death. If financial assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would like to support you as best I can.

UVM End-of-Life Doula Certificate Components

After-Death Options • Anticipatory Grief • Caregiving Considerations • Comfort Measures • Common Terminal Conditions • Companioning And Serving • Complementary Care Options • Cultural Humility • Dementia Care • Dignity Therapy • Doula Professional Boundaries • Doula Role And Scope • Doula Tenets • Grief Continuum • Grounding And Centering • Guided Imagery • Holding Space • Legacy Projects • Life Reviews • Non-Medical Support • Personal Death Awareness • Self-Care Practices • Serious Illness Conversations • Specialized Pediatric Care • Therapeutic Music • Turning Toward Suffering • Unconditional Positive Regard • Universal Safety Precautions • Vigil Planning • Vigil Sitting