Bereavement Support & Grief Coaching

The journey through grief is a deeply personal and transformative experience. As an ordained interfaith minister, end-of-life doula, and certified professional coach, I am dedicated to providing compassionate support to individuals and families navigating the complex emotions of grief and loss.

Understanding Bereavement and Grief

Bereavement, the period of mourning and adjustment following a loss, and grief, the emotional response to that loss, are natural aspects of the human experience. Each person’s journey through grief is unique and may encompass various forms of loss, including the death of a loved one, pregnancy loss, pet loss, or other life transitions that evoke feelings of mourning and sadness.

Bereavement Support

Bereavement support within the doula model of care focuses on providing compassionate emotional, spiritual and practical support to individuals and families as they navigate the grieving process. This form of support acknowledges the individual’s experience of loss and offers a safe space for expression and healing.

Grief Coaching

Grief coaching is a specialized form of support that takes a proactive and goal-oriented approach to navigating grief. Unlike traditional counseling or therapy, which may focus on exploring past traumas or unresolved emotions, grief coaching emphasizes creating a positive vision for the future. Grief coaches assist individuals in setting specific objectives related to their grief journey and provide guidance, encouragement, and practical strategies to help them move forward with resilience and purpose.

Compassionate Support for Every Step of Your Journey

My bereavement support and grief coaching services are tailored to meet you where you are on your journey of healing. From the immediate aftermath of loss to the long-term process of grief, I offer compassionate listening, emotional support, and practical guidance to help you navigate the complexities of grief with grace and resilience.  

Individual Support: Personalized one-on-one sessions in a safe and supportive environment.

Grief Education, Resources & Referrals: Access to educational materials, workshops, and resources to help you better understand the grieving process and gain insights into your own journey of healing. If additional support is needed, I will refer you to the appropriate providers.

Support Groups: Opportunities to connect with others who are navigating similar experiences of loss through grief support groups and community gatherings. Sharing stories, experiences, and support in a group setting can provide comfort and validation during times of grief. (Coming Soon)

Rituals and Ceremonies: Guidance and support in creating meaningful rituals and ceremonies to honor your loved one’s life, commemorate special memories, and find solace in the midst of grief.

Grief is a deeply personal and individual experience, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing. With a compassionate and holistic approach to bereavement support and grief coaching, I am committed to walking alongside you on your healing journey, offering support, and understanding every step of the way.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards healing and find support in your grief journey, please schedule a no-cost 30-minute Zoom consultation below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me first. Together, we can honor your loved one’s memory, embrace the complexities of grief, and discover the transformative power of healing and renewal.

No-Cost Consultation

This 30-minute virtual consultation will help us to decide if we are a good fit for this journey together. 

"Grief is not a disorder, a disease or a sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity, the price you pay for love. The only cure for grief is to grieve." - Earl Grollman