Every Day is a Gift

As an end-of-life doula, celebrant, and minister, my work revolves around the profound awareness that every day is a gift. “This is the only time I get to live today. I choose to enjoy it,” encapsulates the essence of my approach towards life.

In the presence of life’s impermanence, I’ve learned some invaluable lessons:

1. The Power of Presence: Just as in the end-of-life journey, being present in each moment is a gift we give ourselves. It allows us to fully experience life’s richness.

2. Letting Go of Regrets: Regrets are heavy baggage. Embracing the present means releasing the weight of yesterday, allowing us to embrace the opportunities today offers.

3. Setting Daily Intentions: Intentions guide our actions. By starting each day with purpose, we open ourselves to the potential for growth, connection, and fulfillment.

4. Gratitude for the Now: In acknowledging the temporality of life, gratitude becomes our compass. It illuminates the beauty that surrounds us, even in the simplest of moments.

5. Treasure the Small Joys: Life’s true treasures often come in modest packages. A warm embrace, a shared laugh, or a quiet moment of reflection – these are the moments that make life truly meaningful.

6. Embrace Change, Find Resilience: Just as in life’s final chapters, change is inevitable. Embracing it allows us to find resilience and uncover unexpected beauty in the shifting tides.

I’ve witnessed the transformative power of embracing each day with intention and gratitude. By choosing to live fully in the present, we honor the gift of life and leave behind a legacy of love, connection, and purpose.

Every moment is a chance to create a memory, to share joy, and to leave an imprint of positivity. Embrace the now, and you’ll find that you not only enrich your own journey but also inspire those around you to do the same.


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