Empathy Vet Care

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Krista Wood of Empathy Vet Care in Dublin, New Hampshire. She provides at-home veterinary end-of-life (palliative/hospice) care and in-home euthanasia. These are much-needed services for pets and their families here in the Monadnock Region and Southern New Hampshire. We are all blessed to have her here!

I was introduced to her through a friend who recently had to make the difficult decision to euthanize her cat due to a progressive illness. As with many veterinarians since COVID-19, her long-time veterinarian only offered “curbside” service, which meant she could not go into the clinic with her cat while euthanasia was performed. Making the decision to euthanize is heart-wrenching enough, but not being able to be there with your beloved pet can be devastating, further complicating the grieving process. Fortunately, her veterinarian referred her to Dr. Wood, who began serving pets and their families here in New Hampshire in September. Dr. Wood went to my friend’s home to perform the euthanasia. Her gentle services eased suffering in many ways, mainly because the cat died peacefully at home surrounded by her loving family and the caring presence and support of Dr. Wood. 

Dr. Wood offers at-home end-of-life care and euthanasia for small animals (dogs, cats, etc.) and exotic pets. To learn more, visit https://empathyvetcare.com.

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